Front-End Engineer

We're looking for talented front-end Vue + Nuxt3 engineers to join the Ghost product team and work remotely

Full-time remote
Front-End Engineer
Indonesia | Engineering | Full-Time | Remote
We are looking for bright, creative, self-starting engineers with broad experience developing and optimizing UX/UI for software and web application. Conex leverage our services to Influencer Marketing Platforms using AI and complete analytics tools to become credible and help Brand partners strategize, monetize, and execute campaigns using the best and right Influencer Marketing for the best results. As a Front-end Engineer, your primary role is in developing user-facing web apps, with specific emphasis on user interface design.
“If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask to be your default browser, You are brave enough to ask that girl out.”
-anonymous engineer-
  • Participate product/application development life cycle, including planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance, focusing on UX/UI design both for PC and mobile.
  • Implement front-end for web applications with Vue3 & Nuxt3
  • Create POC (proof of concept) and verifying the output
  • Write technical specifications based on conceptual design, business, and technical requirements
  • Support short-term project like event or campaign to create campaign page.
  • Research and develop new web technologies
  • Implement UI components and libraries
Basic Qualifications
  • Knowledge of Vue3 & Nuxt3
  • Experience designing, developing and abstracting user interface elements and modules
  • Experience developing PC/Smartphone web applications (3+ years)
  • Experience of accessibility, usability and scalability
  • Support short-term project like event or campaign to create campaign page.
  • Knowledge of web performance optimizing
  • Tools Familiarity: Project Management Tools (GitHub, Linear, Jira, etc), Programming Language (Vue3, Nuxt3, etc), Documentation Tools (Notion, Confluence, etc), Design Tools (Figma, Adobe, etc)
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Conex is a tech company that was founded in 2020. Our founders have experience in tech development and publishing for over 15 years. We offer social media analytics and marketing services to influencer marketing platforms using AI and complete analytics tools. We help brands strategize, monetize, and execute campaigns using the best influencer marketing for the best results.

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